Parts Wishlist

I will try to keep an updated list here of all of the parts that I need for the project.  If you happen to have or come across one of these parts, please let me know!

Spinner and retention hardware

Starter/Generator (or individual units)

Additional gearing to drive a Generator

Main wheel hubcaps (2)

Tailwheel (conversion from tail skid)

Cable-operated brakes

Pair of Acorns (or just the hardware)

Strut-mounted analog airspeed indicator (‘Windy’)

Holt flare mounts (E11A/303 Type A Modified)

Venturi (6A/370) (1)

Mirror for front passenger

Gosport tube (half of one or just a mouthpiece is ok)

Instrument panel Lord mounts (8, 1″ square)

Port-side cockpit door latch assemblies (2)

Fuselage step assembly

Set of external hardware for one elevator

Hardware relating to any of the common mods, such as safety harnesses and spark plugs, etc

Navigation Lens Red/Green (G5C/2137) (x2)

Keying Switch (G5G/5123)

Switch Box Assembly (G5A/25261)

Gipsy Major engine baffles

Main wheels

Leading edge slat (1)

Slat extension arms and mounting hardware (6)

Set of flying and landing wires

Pitot (6A/200 A.M. Mk. VA or 6A/432 A.M. Mk. VIIA)

Altimeter (6A/443 A.M. Mk. XIIIB or 6A/3011 Smithe Type V231 or 6A/3187 A.W.A. Smiths 4-545 or 106A/2013 Kollsman 126-03 or 106A/2014 Pioneer 2101-5A-B3 or 106A/553 Pioneer 2101-4A7-C3 or 106A/283 Kollsman 177B-033 or 106A/50101 Pioneer 2101-8J-B3 or 106A/50102 Pioneer 2101-4A1-C1)

Compass bracket and adjustment unit (6A/364 A.M. 4-9687 No. 1 for P8)

Turn & Bank (6A/675 A.M. Mk. IA or 6A/3201 Chivers J. 153)

Magneto switches (1 pair)

Rear windscreen

Rear seat

Rear seat mounting hardware

Blind flying hood (or just the snaps that would be attached to it)

Baggage door clasp (the half that attaches to the door, 1)

Elevator (1)

Upward Identification Lamp Type C (G5C/559) (x2)

Cockpit Lamp (G5C/366 Mark 2) (x2)

Dimmer Switch (G5C/367) (x2) (x1)

Button (G5C/540)

Main wheel tires and tubes (2)